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Reformed Praise - Free Worship Songs

Once again we've stumbled upon a great resource of free worship songs but this time the marjority of the songs are modernized Reformed  hymns of yesteryear. This is one excellent resource so go to it!

FREE Books by my Favorite Preacher

In the early 1990's I had the joy of meeting Dr. John Piper at a pastor's conference in Bolton, MA. The fruit of that meeting became the very first online library of Dr. John Piper sermons. Piper's Notes continues to gather thousands of hits each day from all over the world. It was our shared vision to bring God's Word to the largest audience through the Internet. Today Desiring God makes available at no cost to you many of John Piper's books and almost all of his sermons as text, audio and video. You can download the files and read, listen or view them offline at your leisure. How can you pass up such generosity from one of the most solid Bible teachers of our day?
Wonderful Grace
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Endorsements for
A Glorious New Passover Exodus
by John Dunn

As a pastor convinced that Christ is the apex of God’s revelation, the “be all end all” of redemptive history, I crave to lead my people to reading material in keeping with this exalted view of Christ. In this penetrating work, John Dunn displays a robust Christology, and supplies a nourishing, green pasture upon which my people can graze. I will joyfully commend this work to my church. And I whole heartedly commend it to you as well. As you read to your profit, your heart will leap in praise as John expounds Jesus as the New Covenant Exodus!
Pastor Todd Braye
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Blackie, Alberta, Canada

In the tradition of Gentry, Wellum, Goldsworthy, Hamilton, the Dennisons, Beale and Heather Kendall, John Dunn has provided us with a thorough understanding of the big story of the Bible via the theme of New Covenant/ New Exodus and the result is a study in the centrality of Christ throughout the Scriptures culminating in the glories of the New Covenant. It is definitely a worthy addition to the corpus of texts concerning Biblical Theology, a discipline of study that in recent years is gaining a more prominent place in understanding the Scriptures.
Pastor Joseph Krygier
New Covenant Baptist Fellowship Evans NY

For those who have yet to become familiar with a more fully developed Christocentric reading of all Scripture, John Dunn succinctly captures such here. He handily demonstrates why a New Covenant/New Exodus perspective on the whole of Scripture is critical to our seeing all things biblical in the light ofChrist's countenance. In setting forth this New Exodus framework, John's exegetical labors provide us a puzzle-box-top, whereby the pieces readily fit into place, and without extra-biblical manipulation. What we have here in New Exodus is an unpacking of John 1:14,17; wherein the Word, full of grace and truth, becomes flesh. A Word that was revealed in Mosaic shadows has now come forth in the Glory of the Son!
Matthew Morizio
Bible Teacher, NY

The original exodus painted a picture of the exodus Christ leads us on from sin and death. Dunn provides a poetic and deeply Christ-centered view of the more glorious exodus which we longingly look foward to.
Pastor/Elder Edwin W. Trefzger III
Evangelical Church of Fairport, NY

Warning! This study is for heavy lifters only. But if you love to search through God's Word to see more of Jesus our Covenant King then prepare your heart and mind to do some serious Bible Study. From beginning to end this study is Christ centered and Christ exalting. Be refreshed in Christ!
Pastor Moe Bergeron
Sovereign Grace Fellowship, Boscawen NH
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